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Meet Kate Coker-Daisie

Position & Agency: Director of Training & Organizational Development for GA Department of Revenue

HR Experience  -  I started my HR career in the private sector right out of college as a Training and HR Assistant. I worked in this role for two years and because on my innovative approach to training and development in the company, I was promoted to Corporate Trainer.  After a year and a half, I was promoted to Learning & Development Manager.

I remained in this role for almost three years when I was promoted to Global L&D Manager. After seven years with the company, I joined state government for three years as Training and Development Manager. My time in state government was short; I went back into private sector for three years working as the Regional HR Business Partner for three years, promoted to Global Organizational Development Business Partner.

 Needing  to balance work and life, I joined Department of Revenue as the Director of Training and Organizational Development.

    Advice you want to share with other HR professionals: I will share the advice my father gave to me when I migrated to the United States from Ghana almost twenty years ago. Humility takes one further in life than pride would. It doesn’t matter what position you have within the space of Human Resources, embrace every opportunity that comes your way.

    Broaden your knowledge in other HR disciplines if you are specializing in a particular area. Take an interest in learning and growing as you serve your team members and employees.

      Member of GCHR: a NEW member this year

      My Super Power is: My superpower: my “will-do mindset and can-do attitude”! If I set my mind to doing something, that mindset is set (no slacking) and the motivation to do is innate (I don’t need pep talks etc.) I do it.

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