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Meet Diane Martin

   Position & Agency: HR Generalist at SRTA

HR Experience  - Diane has 30 years  experience working for large corporations such as UPS, Georgia Pacific, KPMG, HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) and Lithonia Lighting to name a few. She has a broad area of experience having worked in the areas of Logistics, Legal, Consulting, Manufacturing and Healthcare as well as State Government. 

" Diane has several years of experience working in the human resources career field, and she has distinguished herself in every way due to her exceptional insight into handling core human resource functions. Diane’s caliber of character, and extensive experience in the human resources arena set her well above others." - April Harrison

Member of GCHR -  since 2014

Advice you want to share with other HR professionals: “I believe helping others is the basis of Human Resources. I try to treat them as I would want my family members treated; With understanding, respect and professionalism.”

My Super Power -  “Procedures & Organization”.  I always create a “Great Big Book of Everything” in every position I have held.  It has the steps for each process and I leave it for the person who comes behind me or for anyone who has to fill in for me.   I also believe in being organized due to the “step off the curb - hit by a bus theory” meaning, if that happens to me, someone can come to my desk, open the left drawer and pull out a specific file folder to find it will have the necessary instructions/documentation needed to complete my work.  

    Other cool things about DianeDiane grew up in Stone Mountain as the youngest with 5 older brothers. She loved getting into things just to show a girl could do anything a boy could do and has encouraged her daughter to be the same way. She is married to her husband Todd since 2002 and has 2 children, Olivia and Colin. They live in Stockbridge, Georgia with the 2 rescue cats, Bubble & Squeak.

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